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vendredi 03 septembre 2010


Voici un p'tit texte qui m'est venu en anglais, une sorte de Description de Passage des larmes.

Tears. Basically just salt and water.

Coming down in torrents, showing up in the corner of the eye, or just stuck in one’s chest.

Tears. Sad, desperate, angry tears, or sometimes happy, blissful tears. They can relieve and lighten you, or bring you down even more.

Some know how to use them to get the attention they want. Some would die in shame if anyone could see theirs. Most of us, I guess, struggle trying to find a happy medium, or well, maybe not-so-happy but fair, moral. Trying to show our emotions to others, open up and let them in, without laying a guilt trip on them and coercing them to love us.

Because of course, we want them to love us. And manipulation is never very far, even without us knowing it… Don’t we try not to cry to much, fearing it might end up driving away the same people who try and comfort us? Feeling down is okay from time to time, but who wants a depressed friend? Who wants to be the depressed friend?

Tears. Salt and water, and emotions and feelings in a tornado.

How come it’s so much easier to cry when listening to a music so beautiful it feels full of wonder and grace, when watching a movie scene with people struggling with the death of a loved one, than when one’s actually affected?

I’d just like all these tears to come out once and for all and let me be.

But maybe the bottom point is, our tears are part of who we are.

Part of who we’ll become.

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