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lundi 23 mai 2011

Poème: Still don't hate you

Juste un p'tit poème, situation totalement sortie de mon imagination.

They say hate is closer to love than what you think
They say hate is closer to love than no feeling at all
But after everything we’ve been through, after everything
Well I still don’t hate you, don’t hate you at all

It’s true you’re the one who knows me best in the world
You can almost predict every one of my words
But lately I just feel like it’s been holding me back
How can I grow when you treat me like a child

No it’s not about what you did or didn’t do
It’s about who I became and who I still am for you
It’s not about forgiveness, it’s about what’s best
For the both of us, you know, for the both of us

They say that sometimes love is a matter of will
That trying’s the only way to know if it was meant to be
But do you really want to make me stay out of guilt
When I’m the only one who knows what’s right for me

(décembre 2010)

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