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lundi 04 juillet 2011

Poème: Corridors of life

Un poème écrit il y a déjà un moment, que j'avais oublié de publier ici. J'en ai eu l'idée quand j'étais à Washington, où je suis effectivement passée par des couloirs blancs et un escalator interminable, ce qui m'a inspiré cette métaphore...

I’m walking and walking through corridors of life
Pretty soon I’m running and trying to chase time
White walls and white ceiling, nobody by my side
The floor is paved with what I have not realized

There’s anguish, faded fears and rotten anger
Unforgotten things, unforgiven sins
Oh but just tell me, what am I walking for?

I’m walking and walking past closed doors and U-turns
Don’t know what I’m doing, play with fire and get burnt
I have trouble breathing but I still have to run
I’ll just keep on moving and maybe I will learn

There’s despair, dried up tears and utter boredom
Unforgotten things, unforgiven sins
Oh but what the hell am I running from?

I’m walking and stepping on life’s escalator
Looking up, wondering what I am looking for
As I keep on climbing, the end’s getting further
I’m waiting and thinking, expecting something more

There’s comfort, washed up fears and long-dead anger
Most wonderful things, most beautiful sins
Oh I might find out what I am living for…

(écrit le 25 août 2010)

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