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samedi 19 mai 2012

Poème: What do you see

Un petit poème en anglais, écrit le 2 mars 2012.

cinq sens, 5 sens, ouïe, vue, toucher, odorat, goût

What do you see
When you look at me
Can you see the fear
Hiding right behind my tears
Can you see the times
When a shadow fills my eyes
Do you see anything at all
Anything behind this role

What do you hear
When I whisper to your ear
Can you hear the anger
When I talk to strangers
Can you hear the noise
Crackling over my voice
Do you hear anything at all
Anything inside this hole

What do you smell
When my weaknesses unveil
Can you smell anguish
As I start clenching my fists
Can you smell it in my scent
When all the frenzy relents
Do you smell anything at all
Anything behind this wall

What do you taste
When you brush my lips in haste
Can you taste the bitterness
From all the things stuck in my chest
Can you taste the sheer rot
Of the ramblings in my thoughts
Do you taste anything at all
Any hint of my soul

What do you feel
Holding my hand through the thrill
Can you feel the emptiness
The hollowness of this mess
Can you feel the cold
When I am afraid to be bold
Do you feel anything at all
Anything behind this wall

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