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samedi 13 octobre 2012

Poème: Forgive me


Please forgive me, for I have sinned
Witnessing joy I’ve felt envy
Feeling ignored I’ve been angry
And I didn’t fight the feeling

I have used words to hurt and wound
To get my way, to spread rumors
I have wished ill on my neighbor
And more than once asked for the moon

I’ve judged some books by their cover
Blamed some roses for having thorns
I have treated people with scorn
And often felt superior

I’ve been selfish and a coward
I’ve talked about ending the fray
And I have looked the other way
When it happened in my backyard

I have wallowed in self-pity
Refused every helping hand
Claimed that no one could understand
And I forgot to feel lucky

Please forgive me, I am human
Not only am I not perfect
But let me confess with regret
I don’t always do all I can

But I’ll try harder tomorrow

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