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samedi 02 février 2013

Poème: The rules of the game

Poème écrit le 6 décembre.

Life is a game, success a treat
Some play fair and others cheat
I feel like I don’t know the rules
I feel like everybody’s fool

Did someone up there forget
The handbook that others get
Does it say how to make new friends
At school, at lunch, how to blend in

There is a whole world I don’t know
Secret codes to let people know
How you feel and what you want
I try to learn, what if I can’t?

I feel like when it’s really right
It should be easy, no need to fight
To play intricate hide-and-seek
Lest being taken for a freak

Life is a game, love, the jackpot
But maybe despite all the plots
I do not really need the rules
To find and enjoy its jewels

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