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samedi 15 février 2014

Design poème : Hey Child

Design poème datant de 2011. Malheureusement pas très lisible, je copie le texte en-dessous.

hey child, poème, design, graphisme

Hey child, don’t you worry too much ‘bout the future
I know it doesn’t sound too good on the news
With all those unknown words they use
But you know they just want to look assured
‘Cause they don’t understand what’s going on
And they’re all pretty scared of ending up alone

Hey child, don’t you listen to grown-ups all the time
‘Cause they’re not always right and they’re not always kind
You can speak with your mouth, you can think with your mind
And if you do just that, I bet you will be fine
Don’t fool anybody but don’t let them fool you
Always do what you like and you’ll like what you do

Hey child, don’t let anyone tell you love doesn’t exist
Or causes more pain than it ever brings bliss
‘Cause numb isn’t human and safe isn’t alive
And sure, you’ll never fall if you are never high
So you can cower back here on the ground
Or try to get back up at every other round

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